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Growing Our Collective Impact

We believe greater financial resources can work to grow the Kingdom and glorify God. We have answered this call by establishing Siebert Serves to grow the Lutheran Christian community and to help Lutheran leaders and ministries thrive for years into the future. 

In 2022, donors to Siebert Serves leveraged Siebert’s grantmaking expertise, trusted relationships with over 175 Lutheran organizations, research-based evaluation, and financial resources. We are the only Foundation in Southeastern Wisconsin with on-the-ground, in-depth knowledge of the Lutheran community and affiliated ministries to help donors maximize their life’s impact to God’s glory. 

The short video below tells a compelling story of the importance of Siebert’s investment in growing the Kingdom by supporting countless individuals in their journey from seminary to continued leadership development as pastors. 

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Siebert Serves

Collab Event Desc
Collaborators' Event

On November 10, 2022, donors, multi-generational families, and foundations joined Siebert at the third Collaborators' Event to raise $175,309 for 23 Lutheran churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations. With a $100,000 matching grant from Siebert, donors partnered with others to grow the Kingdom and make an even greater philanthropic impact in our region. As grant makers, young adults from Wisconsin Lutheran College's Center for Christian Leadership and Hephatha Lutheran Church brought a fresh perspective to the philanthropic exchange. We thank Wisconsin Lutheran College for allowing us to use their facility for this event where 47 people joined us in-person and virtually. 

Collab Event Grants Pie Chart-Updated.gif

8 organizations

7 organizations

 8 organizations

Thank You

Thank you to the individuals and families who donated to Siebert Serves in 2022:

  • Anonymous Donors

  • Dennis Axelson 

  • Lori and Kurt Bechthold 

  • Dr. Bruce Bigelow 

  • Pastor Sara Gillespie 

  • Catherine and Eric Jacobson 

  • Caitlin Kammerait 

  • Jane and Thomas Kammerait 

  • William Kammerait 

  • Dr. Carol Kolmerten

  • Margaret and Kurtiss Krueger 

  • Christie and Bill Krugler 

  • Tim Larson 

  • Lori and Eric Lorenz

  • Kathy and Mark Miller

  • Mary Murphy and Knute Jacobson

  • Deni and Mike Naumann

  • Kirstie and John Pahmeier

  • Dr. Joan M. Prince 

  • Jamie and David Rodgers 

  • Gael and Dave Romoser

  • Susan and John Schaller

  • Abigail and Matt Schumwinger 

  • Brenda Skelton-Bendtsen and Jim Bendtsen 

  • Armour Swanson 

  • Dwanyell Thomas and Derek Tyus 

  • Julie and Jay Van Cleave 

  • Dr. Emily Van Dunk and Erik Lee  

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College - Center for Christian Leadership 

  • Cindy and Todd Witte 

  • Peggy and John C. Zimdars Jr. 

When you make a gift to Siebert Serves, you join a community of other faith-based believers who share Gospel values. Additionally, you serve "the least among us” by investing in Lutheran programs that grow the body of Christ and build stronger and healthier communities.


Contact Siebert's Director of Philanthropy Sarah Gilday, 414.662.2662, to learn more about Siebert Serves and opportunities in 2023 to transform lives through a partnership with Siebert.

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