Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Services

Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Service (WLCFS) has been healing and helping people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ since 1965. WLCFS collaborates with 17 Milwaukee schools, students, their families, and mental health providers.

Current counseling programs are listed below:

  • Outpatient Counseling: WLCFS currently owns and operates 52 Christian mental health outpatient clinics throughout the states of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Florida, Idaho, and Michigan, including clinics in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Mankato, and Saginaw.

  • Distance Counseling: WLCFS operates a Member Assistance Program which utilizes distance modalities including live, secure, video-assisted counseling.

  • Youth Counseling Initiative: WLCFS also operates an urban counseling program which provides care on site at several Milwaukee schools.

  • Primary Focus: Urban in-school counseling and STRONG day-treatment programs

Lutheran Affiliation: WELS

Operating Budget: $ 12,400,390

Programs: Clinical outpatient services provided by the Urban Counseling Program focus on students who “struggle emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally because of their personal and family history.” Often these students face challenges in the classroom that impact their ability to learn and their behavior can also distract other students’ learning. Parents living in pervasive poverty do not have the financial resources to secure counseling services outside of the school day, even if it is desperately needed.

WLCFS also operates the STRONG day treatment program for students who need more intensive intervention. Students come from the partner schools listed above, but also from other private, charter, and public schools. These are children who display defiance, frequent rage, outbursts or threats, hostility, aggression, or anger problems, and are in danger of academic expulsion. The STRONG day treatment program helps youth heal psychologically, so they can become more behaviorally stable and academically successful.

Who Is Served: WLCFS serves students in 17 Christian schools in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Location: W175 N11120 Stonewood Drive, Germantown, WI 53022

Website: https://christianfamilysolutions.org