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WI Inmate Education Association

Programs Maximizing Collaboration

In collaboration with Trinity International University and Fox Lake Correctional Institution, Wisconsin Inmate Education Association's (WIEA) Operation Transformation provides a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies to inmates serving extended sentences or life imprisonment.

This collaboration allows for seven Lutheran graduates who serve as field mentors to other inmates. They are catalysts for personal transformation among their peers and reduce violence, disciplinary convictions, and misconduct.

Through this seminary program, students gain a sense of purpose and hope, leading to the development of a moral reawakening that guides their thoughts and actions. In 2024, WIEA will also work with the WI Department of Corrections to promote Operation Transformation to women serving sentences at Taycheedah Correctional Institution.

WIEA partners with Lutheran congregations to facilitate recruitment through their family members and assist in supporting the program.

Primary Focus Area: Prison Education – BA Degree in Biblical Studies and Field Mentor Program

Lutheran Affiliation: Pan-Lutheran

Location: P.O. Box 684, Brookfield, WI 53008

Funding will support: WIEA covers the full cost of tuition for each student attending the program, ensuring accessibility to this educational opportunity without financial barriers. Alongside tuition, there is a need to replace textbooks that have been in use for the past six years, crucial for supporting comprehensive education and equipping students for success.

The program is currently undergoing remodeling of permanent facilities at Fox Lake, formerly a healthcare facility, funded by the WI DOC. Upon completion of these renovations, an increase in applications and student enrollments is anticipated. While this project necessitates a significant investment, its enduring impact will establish a legacy within the program, expanding opportunities for additional students to receive education and encounter spiritual growth within the prison environment.


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