WI Inmate Education Association

Wisconsin Inmate Educational Association (WIEA) exists to bring peace, forgiveness and reconciliation to prison inmates (and their families) in Wisconsin. WIEA implements the BA Degree program in Biblical Studies through a collaboration with Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.

Primary Focus: Prison Education – BA Degree in Biblical Studies and Field Mentor Program

Lutheran Affiliation: Pan Lutheran

Operating Budget:$ 457,849

Programs: In response to escalating prison costs, violence, and recidivism, the WIEA’s Operation Transformation (OT) prison seminary program is in its fourth year. OT is a collaboration with Trinity International University and Waupun Correctional Institution. The program has enabled the development and growth of strong student inmate leaders. These emerging leaders are growing in their love of Christ and gaining the knowledge and skills required to improve themselves, their communities, and families.

Who is Served: The organization serves men in prison who are highly marginalized and many are from families with lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Location: PO Box 684 Brookfield, WI 53008

Website: www.WisInmateEdu.org