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Serenity Inns

Innovative programs

Serenity Inns offers an opportunity for holistic recovery from addiction and alcoholism to men who need it most in a compassionate community of accountability. This treatment program for men recovering from addiction is the only recovery facility in Milwaukee that does not require insurance or the ability to pay. It is a highly structured three-phase transitional program. The residential recovery program is located in what was a condemned house. It was purchased and renovated with assistance from volunteers and Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. The Alumni House serves as housing for men who graduated from residential recovery.

Primary Focus Area: Drug and alcohol addiction treatment, housing, counseling

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Location: 2825 W. Brown St, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Funding will support: "Serenity Inn's residential recovery program offers a continuum of care, including transitional living and independent housing, to create pathways to greater stability by addressing underlying trauma. We prioritize on-site services, counseling, and case management during the critical first 30 days to minimize the risk of relapse. As a residential treatment facility primarily serving low-income men from the Milwaukee area, many of whom have a history of incarceration, homelessness, or unreliable housing, we address a significant unmet need in the community. Our program is uniquely structured to tackle the underlying trauma contributing to substance use disorders. We employ evidence-based practices to help men develop coping skills.

In 2022, we admitted 42 men and celebrated the graduation of 16 men, with an average daily occupancy of 10 men in our recovery program. Currently, we have 12 men living in our Alumni House. Our residents represent diverse backgrounds, with African American (51%), Caucasian (41%), and Hispanic (8%) individuals benefiting from our services. We address substance use disorders and prioritize long-term, sustainable recovery. Our location in the 53208 zip code aims to confront systemic and economic barriers, ensuring that individuals in need can access the care and resources necessary for their journey to recovery." (Submitted by Serenity Inns)


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