JobsWork MKE

JobsWork MKE provides a comprehensive and effective pathway to self-sufficiency for motivated individuals in Milwaukee. In addition, the organization provides dependable employees and business support for small businesses and collaborates with anchor institutions to create avenues for sustainable employment.

Primary Focus: Job training, placement & support

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Operating Budget: $925,000

Programs: The Employee Development program uses a comprehensive job readiness model with three phases: preparation, stability employment, and advancement. The Small Business Development program supports the development and growth of small businesses in Milwaukee. As these businesses grow, they provide jobs for residents of the neighborhoods where they are located—including members. Individuals interested in becoming a JobsWork MKE member must go through five distinct steps, which include barrier assessment and remedy, life skills training, spiritual renewal and motivation, and completing a Career Readiness Workshop. Members work with staff to develop a personal Advancement Plan, which outlines the barriers faced by that member and the steps to be taken to overcome barriers.

Who is Served: JobsWork members reflect the following demographics: 80% come from Milwaukee zip codes with high poverty rates, 56% do not have a valid driver’s license, 33% have not completed high school, 31% have felony records, 89% are African American, and 100% have been exposed to and are negatively impacted by trauma.

Location: 2821 N Vel R Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212