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JobsWork MKE

Innovative Programs

Incorporated in 2013, JobsWork MKE’s mission is to prepare and encourage motivated individuals living in poverty to achieve economic self-sufficiency through sustainable employment. The organization addresses racial inequities throughout the central city of Milwaukee and its members most often live and work in the highest poverty zip codes. JobsWork's Career Development program was developed from evidence-based models in Chicago and Cleveland, tailored for the economic and workforce landscapes of Milwaukee. The program offers holistic, long-term support to members until they reach the goal of obtaining and keeping a full-time, sustainable wage job.

Primary Focus Area: Job training, placement & support

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Location: 2821 N Vel R Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Funding will support: "Support for our Career Development program would impact our 2023-2024 priority areas:

  1. Meeting the needs of employers: While serving our Members, we are also mindful of the needs of Milwaukee area employers due to ongoing employee shortages. Employers have broadened their pool of job seekers they are willing to consider over the last few years and are finding that the individuals they are hiring face the same barriers to successful employment as our members. As a result, we have begun to offer monthly Career Readiness Workshops to help our employer partners retain entry-level employees.

  2. Addressing trauma: More and more, we are convinced that trauma is the greatest barrier to long-term employment success for our Members, including their ability to move beyond entry-level positions into advancement opportunities. This knowledge, which comes from our in-depth work with our Members, shapes our current efforts to help them address the effects of trauma.

  3. Members Advancement: It remains our goal to fully develop the Advancement phase of our Career Development model—preparing members for full-time careers with benefits and living wages. The Advancement Phase is the final step in our program, accessed by members who have demonstrated success in entry-level positions." (Submitted by JobsWork MKE)


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