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Chaplains in Schools

Chaplains in Schools (CiS) was founded in 2015 to bring the Gospel, through an embedded missionary, to organizations that do not have a congregation connection. CiS grew from connections with Christian Choice voucher schools in Milwaukee that had Lutheran roots or ties but did not have Lutheran ministry reaching its staff, students, and families.

Primary Focus Area: Faith Development Programs

Requesting Funding for "Family Impact"

Program Budget: $45,000

Operating Budget: $625,000

Lutheran Affiliation: WELS

Programs: Chaplains in Schools share the Gospel with the staff and scholars and school families of Christian schools who had no active ministry reaching out to them. CiS' partner schools include: all of the HOPE School sites (six K-8 and one high school), Shining Star Christian Schools (in 2020-2021, three K-8 sites and one virtual school), the Above the Clouds Arts Program, and New Beginnings are Possible Community Service Ministry specializing in after-school and summer youth programming. Currently, chaplains serve in multiple locations, but the goal is to have each chaplain serve at only one location to facilitate engaging with families as well as building to work alongside the chaplain.

Who is Served: The vast majority of school families are African American within single-parent households. Most families qualify for vouchers for their schooling and free/reduced lunch. This school year CiS hopes to serve 4,350 students and about 175 staff members and their families. The program reaches an additional 2,000 plus students by partnering with the Center for Urban Teaching's summer school program.

Location: 2225 N. 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212


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