Center for Urban Teaching

The Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) is a nonprofit organization and its long-term vision is to become the number one producer and provider of high-performing urban teachers and leaders so that every child in Milwaukee has access to a top notch education. In order to help reach that goal and fulfill the critical need for a pipeline of highly qualified and committed candidates to serve in Milwaukee, CfUT is working to expand the number of alumni serving in the field to 500. If there are 500 alumni actively serving in the field, approximately 20,000 students would be taught by CfUT alumni. CfUT believes that this will serve as a tipping point, providing proof of what is possible and creating a stronghold in the city.

Primary Focus: Urban Teacher Pipeline

Lutheran Affiliation: Pan/WELS

Operating Budget: $2,471,344

Programs: CfUT provides a solution that helps colleges, universities, and urban schools close the gap in teacher and leader preparation, and as a result, in student achievement. Programs include:

  • The six-week summer school program allows aspiring teachers and school leaders to put theory to practice under the coaching and leadership of CfUT. Prior to the start of summer school, aspiring urban teachers and leaders engage in two weeks of intensive training that yield academic gains during the summer. CfUT’s number one core value is being Christ-centered.

  • Beyond the Summer School Program, CfUT partners with over 40 area schools, including many Lutheran schools, to provide a pipeline of teachers and leaders who are more prepared, retained over time, and better positioned to have an increased impact on student achievement.

Who is Served: CfUT serves teacher and leader candidates, as well as children, from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. The majority of schools that CfUT partners with serve students who are at least 80% minority and 80% students living in poverty. CfUT recognizes the importance of diversifying the teaching pipeline to include more teachers of color. In 2020, 46% of the teacher and leader candidates who participated in the program were people of color.

Location: 2600 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233