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Center for Urban Teaching

Ministries Growing to Increase Impact

Originally founded in 2001 at Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) identifies, prepares, and supports high-performing urban teachers, leaders, and schools. The organization’s long-term vision is to become the number one producer and provider of high-performing urban teachers and leaders so that every child in Milwaukee has access to a top-notch education. To help reach that goal and fulfill the critical need for a pipeline of highly qualified and committed candidates to serve in Milwaukee, CfUT is working to expand the number of alumni serving in the field.

CfUT works directly with 50 schools including 26 Lutheran schools in underserved communities in the Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha areas. Over 250 teachers and leader candidates will be trained in 2024. It very recently started working with schools in Madison. 610 CfUT alumni are working in schools in Milwaukee.

Primary Focus Area: Urban teacher pipeline

Lutheran Affiliation: Pan/WELS

Location: 2600 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233


Funding will support: CfUT’s early recruitment process, immediate exposure, intensive training, practical experience, and ongoing support creates high-performing urban teachers and leaders to serve in Milwaukee's inner-city schools. Candidates are recruited as early as their freshman year of college, exposed to high-performing urban models across the country, and delivered intensive training on proven techniques that get results in the urban classroom. Candidates put theory to practice in a six-week summer school program. This program allows aspiring teachers and school leaders to put theory to practice under the coaching and leadership of CfUT. Program graduates are tracked from college to the classroom during their first years in the field through coaching and professional development.

This innovative formula of practical training and experience is the critical component CfUT provides that no other program offers. It provides a solution that helps colleges, universities, and urban schools close the gap in teacher and leader preparation, resulting in greater student achievement.


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