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Bread of Healing Clinic

Programs Maximizing Collaboration

The Bread of Healing Clinic (BOHC) is the only free clinic in Milwaukee that addresses the underlying causes of ill health and uses a trauma-informed approach to managing health and resiliency, and it does this by leveraging numerous partnerships.

A fully staffed pharmacy provides free medications through the MedShare program. Other services include lab work, provider visits, social work assessments, behavioral health services, and dental services. A collaboration with area universities supplies 54 interns over the course of one year in the areas of pharmacy, social work, behavioral health, and medicine. When people are eligible for more comprehensive insurance, clinic staff assist them in signing up for it. Most patients fall between 100-200% of the Federal Poverty Level ($14,580-$29,160).

 As a coordinator for the Free and Community Collaborative in Milwaukee, BOHC maintains regular contact with all the free clinics in southeastern Wisconsin. It is the largest free clinic in the region and serves as a model for similar clinics.

Primary Focus Area: Medical, dental, and mental health care for the uninsured

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA


  • Cross Lutheran Church at 1821 North 16th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

  • Eastbrook Church at 5385 North Green Bay Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53209

  • Florist Clinic at Traveler's Rest Ministries at 5975 North 40th Street, Milwaukee., WI 53209

Funding will support: The Bread of Healing Clinic plans to expand services to the southside of Milwaukee. About 30% of BOHC's patients travel from the southside to the northside to receive services. Funding will support setting up weekly clinics on the northside at Unity Lutheran on Oklahoma. Expenses relating to this expansion include a Registered Nurse's salary, a provider, a medical assistant and some medications. In addition, the clinic will host a lab station with supplies and a centrifuge. Several volunteers and students will also be present.


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