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We Raise Foundation

Grant Collaboration

Siebert, We Raise, and St. Marcus celebrate

The Collaboration

In 2021, the Siebert Lutheran Foundation participated in its first joint grant collaboration. Siebert found strategic alignment with the We Raise Foundation, which partners with Christian organizations to support and develop sustainable programs that help people thrive. Siebert and We Raise developed a request for proposal that culminated in awarding a school with $300,00 over three years. 

The Vision

The goals for the grant were to enhance and/or grow programs and services provided by a school or education-related organization while also providing other wrap-around services to meet the needs of the whole student. Siebert and We Raise wanted to build on an organization's existing expertise to create significant change for students and their families over time, removing barriers and creating pathways to stability, in addition to offering high-quality academics.

The Impact

A few select schools were invited to submit a proposal to Siebert and We Raise and at the culmination of the due diligence process, St. Marcus Lutheran School was selected to receive $300,000 over three years to grow its Community Transformation program. With this grant, St. Marcus is growing the capacity of its Community Engagement team, bringing more resources to its school families and community. The school's Life Coach and Community Engagement Specialist work with students and families and connect them to other nonprofits, businesses, and partners with the goal of strengthening families to ultimately impact students' success in the classroom. St. Marcus' partnerships include Habitat for Humanity, JobsWork MKE, and Thrivent Financial, to name only a few.

St. Marcus students

The Future

Siebert Lutheran Foundation believes in the power of collaboration and partnership, which was evident throughout this unique grant process. Together Siebert and the We Raise Foundation provided a larger amount of funding for one program to impact more people in a shorter amount of time. Siebert seeks more collaborative granting initiatives and will continue convening the philanthropic community, further exploring when greater impact can be created by combining both intellectual and financial resources.

St. Marcus Student performance

If your foundation is interested in learning more about collaborative opportunities with the Siebert Lutheran Foundation, please contact President Charlotte John-Gomez.

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