Time of Grace

As a media ministry, Time of Grace's mission is to connect people to God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

Primary Focus: Connecting people to God’s grace

Lutheran Affiliation: Pan/WELS

Operating Budget: $340,000

Programs: Time of Grace has invested considerably in developing a mobile app to “meet people where they are” on their smart phones. Americans average more than two hours per day of smart phone use. Time of Grace has produced and distributed Your Time of Grace videos since January of 2016—an effort funded in part by a grant from Siebert Lutheran Foundation—to reach people on their social networks and on their mobile phones. The program connects people to God’s grace on the mobile phones they are using for entertainment, news, learning & communicating with friends. Time of Grace believes this will multiply the body of Christ by connecting people with Holy Spirit-filled content and connecting people to other Christian people.

Who is Served: This project helps Time of Grace connect more people to God’s grace. Time of Grace meets people “where they are” on their mobile phones with a mobile phone app. There are nearly as many smartphone users worldwide as television sets. Mobile smartphones are an effective way to reach a very large audience; an audience that is comprised of all ages, genders, geographies, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Location: 101 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Website: https://timeofgrace.org