The Table

The Table is a synodically authorized worshipping community of the Greater Milwaukee Synod ELCA. In other words, it is an alternative structure to a congregationally-governed church body. . The Table now gathers and worships in the homes of its members, at Alice's Garden, and in other open spaces. The congregation intentionally functions as a house church and a public space church. Alice’s Garden, a ministry "sister" to the Table, is a 2.2-acre urban farm and community garden located at 20th & Fond Du Lac Avenue. Alice's Garden nurtures families and aligned organizations to reclaim and nourish cultural and family traditions connected to the land, food, sustainable jobs, and good health. It provide models of regenerative farming, community cultural development, and economic agricultural enterprises for the global landscape.

Primary Focus: Urban farm job training in food industry, Bible study

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Note: the following video was created by Outreach for Hope to support ministries of congregations located in low-income central city areas of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA.

Operating Budget: : $174,147

Programs: Seeds, Soil, and Soul is a revamped track of the Alice's Garden Adult Training Project that combines urban agriculture training and Christian Rites of Passage Education to address poverty, incarceration, and substance abuse in Milwaukee. The Project invites trainees to understand the sacred connections between God, healing and food, and vocation through training with farmers. The parables of Jesus are the basis for this adult earn and learn program, inviting trainees to explore their own life stories, as they discern the teachings and meanings of the parables. The Seeds, Soil, and Soul Program reintroduces adults in the community to farming as a pathway to greater self-sufficiency.

Who is Served: Adult men and women reentering the community after incarceration and/or on probation, predominately African American, living on the Northside of Milwaukee; adults in recovery from issues of substance addiction, especially women with children living both on the Southside and Northside of Milwaukee.

Location : 2136 N. 21st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53205 (farm location)

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