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St. Marcus Lutheran School

St. Marcus School is driven by its mission to disciple children for Christ, now and for all eternity, and to train them in excellence for their roles in their family, church, community, workplace, and country. St. Marcus has served Milwaukee’s Brewers Hill/Harambee neighborhoods since 1875. Nearly 150 years later, St. Marcus is a state-ranked, five-star school in which scholars exceed academic, athletic, and artistic expectations and establish a strong trajectory for success.

Partners help the school bridge the funding gap, a $2,500 difference between what the state voucher provides and what it costs to educate one child, so St. Marcus can provide a high-quality Christian education.

Primary Focus Area: K-8, community engagement, wrap-around services, expansion

Requesting Funding for Operating Support

Operating Budget: $12,862,616

Lutheran Affiliation: WELS

Programs: St. Marcus has been providing "whole child" support to its students and their families for many years. It has already seen the significant impact that continuing education classes and the impact that a dedicated "Life Coach" resource can have on parents and guardians and on students and their academic performance. Through two decades of rapid growth supported by dedicated partners, St. Marcus has remained one of Wisconsin’s highest-performing schools for low-income students.

Who is Served: St. Marcus is a choice school, serving 1,160 K3-8th grade scholars and their families between three campuses. The vast majority (96%) of students attend St. Marcus through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. 95% of students are African American and 80% are low-income. Nearly 10% of its population includes students with special education needs. The majority of scholars live in Milwaukee’s central city, spanning nearly 30 zip codes.

Location: 2215 N. Palmer Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Website Address:

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