Shoreland Lutheran High School

Shoreland Lutheran High School is a 9th through 12th-grade school that has been located in Kenosha on Somers Road and 88th Avenue for 50 years.

Primary Focus: Tuition assistance

Lutheran Affiliation: WELS

Operating Budget: $4,300,000

Programs: A new mobile STEM Community Outreach Project will service the local Kenosha and Racine communities by exposing minority, economically disadvantaged, and under-resourced students to STEM education on a mobile platform. The STEM Lab will partner with local community centers, businesses, and schools to bring exciting and cutting-edge STEM experiments and hands-on projects to students who would not otherwise experience them, in a fun and visually stimulating environment. At the same time, Shoreland Lutheran will be building relationships that give it the opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel with those who attend.

Who is Served: Shoreland Lutheran serves approximately 365 students and in fall 2021, it will enroll a record number of freshmen at 110 students. 60% of its students attend through Wisconsin's Choice program, and 15% are Latino/a, 8% Asian, 5% Black, and 4% two or more ethnicities.

Location: 9026 S. 12th Street, Somers, WI 53171

Website Address: