Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

Mt. Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church and School was founded in 1925 in the Sherman Park neighborhood in Milwaukee. The church established the Mt. Calvary Community Development Corporation (MCCDC) in 2017 to promote individual growth through Christ-based activities in the community. MCCDC helps young people develop the skills to find and keep jobs while working toward bettering the community and provides locally grown produce for use in the community.

Primary Focus: Community Outreach, Youth, and spreading the Gospel

Lutheran Affiliation: LCMS

Operating Budget: $364,989

Programs: The Community Minister focuses his efforts on children and youth, drawing from the congregation, the school constituency, and the community.

MCCDC operates an urban farm on 0.42 acres of land owned by Ascension St. Joseph’s Hospital at 2400 West Villard. Vegetables grown on the farm have been used in St. Joseph’s cafeteria, by the outreach nurse at All Saints, and by UpStart Kitchen in Sherman Park. MCCDC sold vegetables in 2020 at several farmers' markets located in Milwaukee’s food deserts including a new farm stand sponsored by Near West Side Partners and Northwest Side Community Development Corporation. Five youth interns, including one lead intern, were employed in 2021. The focus of the internship program is on developing the interns as they engage in a social enterprise to improve their community.

Who is Served: The Community Minister's work impacts those in Sherman Park who are not currently involved in a church, particularly children ages 5 to 18; the children and families of Mount Calvary Lutheran School; and the children ages 5 to 18 currently involved at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.

Participating in a program that provides food to people in real need and the process of learning a skill provides interns with a sense of empowerment. By participating in the urban farm, interns see their efforts make a difference both for what they are growing and how it will be used.

Location: 2862 N 53RD ST, Milwaukee, WI 53210

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