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Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of Wisconsin

Founded in 1896, Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of Wisconsin (LCFS) helps individuals and families with mental health concerns, addictions, family counseling, in-school counseling, and adoption services. It also owns four thrift Stores that provide earned revenue for the nonprofit. With the main office in Wauwatosa, WI, LCFS has ten satellite locations throughout the state.

Counselors are specially trained in substance abuse, trauma recovery, family and relationship counseling, and pediatric psychology.

Primary Focus Area: Urban in-school counseling program

Requesting funding for "In School Mental Health Counseling Services"

Program Budget: $609,566

Operating Budget: $1,947,195

Lutheran Affiliation: LCMS

Programs: LCFS’s In School Mental Health Counseling program works with parents, teachers, and administrators to identify, access, and treat a child experiencing mental health or behavioral issues. If counseling is recommended, that student will be seen regularly until individualized goals are met. During this process, counselors work with teachers to ensure counseling is woven seamlessly into the child’s school day. Through personalized sessions, students are taught skills for conflict resolution, problem-solving, peer relationships, coping, trauma recovery, and more, dependent on the child’s needs. Parents are kept abreast of sessions and counseling can also be arranged for parents and siblings to address affiliated mental health issues including stress management, anger management, and family dynamics.

Counseling in a school setting is an efficient way to reach children. The Association for Children’s Mental Health finds that early intervention can improve a child’s resilience and ability to succeed.

Who Is Served: LCFS' in-school counseling program served 120 students with 1,428 counseling sessions across 16 schools during the 2020-21 school year. The in-school counseling program is for children identified as being at risk for mental health or behavioral concerns. Approximately 36.2% of children served come from households earning incomes below the federal poverty line and neighborhoods with a higher rate of childhood poverty than 80.4% of other U.S. neighborhoods.

Location: 3800 N. Mayfair Road., Milwaukee, WI 53226


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