Lutheran Campus Ministries

The Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA has a long history of supporting Lutheran Campus Ministry. The models have changed over the years but the commitment has remained the same. Since the turn of the new millennia, Lutheran Campus Ministry of Greater Milwaukee has focused on supporting students from two campuses: the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University.

Primary Focus: Campus Ministry

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Operating Budget: $239,296

Programs: Students involved in campus ministry become immersed in faith development through planning and participating in weekly worship, prayer and study groups, acts of hospitality, service projects, interfaith engagement, social justice trainings, and their outreach to other students on campus. This engagement inevitably leads them to wrestle with what it means to integrate their faith into their life more deeply.

Using a church-planting model, Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) will plant a multi-site campus ministry in downtown Milwaukee focusing on Marquette University, MSOE, MATC, and MIAD. These four universities together serve 26,504 students. This project will result in a restart for LCM in Milwaukee and a be companion to the LCM program at UW-Milwaukee.

Who is Served: Students from area colleges and universities.

Location: 3074 N Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211