LUMIN Schools

The Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative (LUMIN) is a network of K4 - 8th grade schools serving more than 1,300 students in Milwaukee (four campuses) and Racine (two campuses), plus one campus each in Beloit, Wis. and Gary, Ind. (outside of Siebert's funding area).

Primary Focus: K-8, Opportunity Academy

Lutheran Affiliation: LCMS

Operating Budget: $7,947,497

Programs: The Opportunity Academy introduces LUMIN scholars to a variety of careers and environments. It is specifically designed to increase attendance rates, grow math, ELA, and science proficiency, motivate students to seek and select a high quality high school, and have the LUMIN students' high school graduation rate exceed the state average. The Academy is focused on developing post-secondary opportunities and mindsets, with interesting and engaging programs that get middle school students excited and hopeful about their futures.

Starting in 2020, LUMIN Schools’ staff are learning more about its scholars’ career interests through the implementation of Academic & Career Planning (ACP). This is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for career exploration.

Who is Served: 98% of LUMIN's approx. 1,300 students qualify for the Milwaukee or Racine parental school choice program; 70% African American, 16% Latino/a. Students are supported with various social and health care wraparound services designed to address the many "barriers to learning" they encounter in the urban community.

Location: 8242 N. Granville Road, Milwaukee, WI 53224