Faithful Innovations – NW ELCA Synod

In 2017, staff from the five ELCA synods in Wisconsin met to discuss the possibility of working together to form Adaptive Learning Communities. The product of this meeting was Faithful Innovations—a model for working together, sharing resources, coaching and training together that would strengthen the vitality of the congregations in each of the synods.

Primary Focus: Innovations in Ministry

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Operating Budget: $136,000

Programs: Adaptive Learning Communities were created to ask new questions and develop ways to learn how to lead and be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the heart of this program are congregation-based Action Learning Teams (ALTs), made up of 4-7 lay people, that are engaged in experiential, experimental, and exponential learning. ALTs are comprised of individuals who belong to a congregation and are committed to the Action Learning Model designed by The Missional Network. The Action Learning Model offers a way for congregations (and synods) to begin to address the most pressing challenges that they are facing. The model has five phases: listening, discerning, experimenting, reflecting and deciding/planning.

Who is Served: The Learning Communities project serves congregations of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin ELCA .

Location: 944 24-1/4 Street, Chetek, WI 54728