Atonement Lutheran Church/Greater Milwaukee Synod ELCA

The Task Force on Opioid and Substance Use Disorders is a partnership between Atonement Lutheran Church in Muskego and the Greater Milwaukee Synod ELCA. The Taskforce's goal is to develop effective and sustainable congregational ministries, which support and provide resources for the individual and their families, thus creating prevention-committed, recovery-friendly communities within area congregations. This initiative is unique in its mission to bring issues of substance abuse and treatment into the ministry of Lutheran churches and other faith communities. It encourages practical ways for congregations to bring hope and healing to those affected by the crisis and underscores Jesus’s call to Christians to “heal the sick.”

Primary Focus: Building Congregational Capacity to Respond to the Opioid & Substance Use Disorders

Lutheran Affiliation: ELCA

Operating Budget: $57,880


  • The Task Force seeks to form effective partnerships with state and local authorities, treatment and prevention specialists and other agencies to create practical ways to bring hope and healing for those affected by opioid and substance misuse disorders.

  • Another important focus of the Task Force’s efforts is on training congregations with the help of Faith Partners, a Minneapolis-based organization founded in 1995 to provide a sustainable team approach to alcohol and drug issues for churches. Trainings conducted by Faith Partners in the Milwaukee area will develop effective and sustained congregational ministries, which support and provide resources for those with substance use disorders and their families to create recovery-friendly communities within the church.

  • The Task Force recently hired an Area Coordinator position to serve as the bridge between participating congregations, Faith Partners, and resources in the area. As the boots on the ground, this person will also facilitate sharing between congregations.

Who is Served: In 2019, 20,690 individuals in the state of Wisconsin received community-based services for substance abuse disorders through public county-based systems. Waukesha County has 13% of the reported diagnoses and Milwaukee County has 57% of the reported diagnoses.

Location: S70W16244 Martin Dr, Muskego, WI 53150